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About Us

Alimax is Dorset and Hampshire’s go-to manufacturer of quality aluminium windows and doors for trade customers. We pride ourselves on our extensive range of aluminium window and door frames, each piece designed to perfectly fit the respective needs of our customers, whether commercial or residentially-focused. 

Have any questions about our products? Get in touch online or call our helpful team on 01425 205465.

Why Choose Alimax for Trade Windows and Doors? 

Working from our advanced factory in Hampshire, our team has hundreds of years of collective experience in delivering a five-star window and door frame service.

Outstanding Quality

Our staff are trained in an extensive range of state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. This allows them to make stylish, durable aluminium doors and windows with unmatched efficiency. 

All of our materials are sourced from reliable and sustainable suppliers. Not only does this guarantee premium build quality, but it minimises our products’ environmental impact. 

Because our products are made to order, you can be sure you’re getting fully bespoke pieces for your project. Check out our gallery for a glimpse into our creation process! 

First-Class Local Service 

Aside from providing you with high-quality products and our technical knowledge, we strive to make your job as easy as possible. 

We arrange for full delivery and pick up, so you don’t have to worry about transporting our products - we’ll come to you. 

  • Lead times start from as little as 10 days. 
  • Windows and doors up to 7x3m come fully assembled for ease of installation. 
  • When you place an order with our secure ordering system, we will confirm it within 24 hours. 
  • We provide you with frequent order updates during the manufacturing process. No matter what stage we’re at, we’ll always keep you in the loop. 
  • We always stay up to date on the latest legislation. If you’re unsure of the regulations around installing windows and doors, we can provide you with a clear and detailed explanation. 
  • Should any issues arise, we will provide a solution within the same or next day. 

As a bonus, using a local company means you cut down on delivery times and reduce your business’s carbon footprint. It’s a win-win! 

Alimax Staff

Visit our Showroom 

Don’t just take our word for it - why not come visit our impressive showroom? We have a fantastic array of product samples for you and your customers to browse through. 

As you visualise the next move for your project’s windows or doors, members of our friendly team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. 

Get in Touch 

At Alimax, we understand what it takes to complete an installation efficiently, carefully, and non-intrusively. Whether you're working on a commercial project or are looking for new aluminium window or door frames for your own home, we're here to help. 

We are here to maximise your vision. Get in touch online or call our helpful team on 01425 205465 to get started!

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Alimax aluminium doors and windows
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07th November 2023
If you've been looking into buying a new set of windows or doors, you've probably come across the term 'U-value' at some point. It's a common phrase, but what it actually means isn’t that clear.
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How Long do Aluminium Windows Last?
05th October 2023
There are many benefits to having bespoke aluminium windows, so it is no wonder that they are a popular choice for commercial and residential properties. One big benefit is that they can have a long lifespan once fitted. In fact, if looked after, they can last between 20-40 years.
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Multipoint vs Mortice Locks: Which Is Better for Bi-Fold Doors?
11th September 2023
While we might not give it much thought, the humble door lock plays a key (pun not intended) role in keeping our homes safe. Your choice of lock could determine whether you come back to a house that's just as you left it, or one that's been broken into, ransacked, or worse.
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How are Aluminium Windows and Doors Made?
02nd August 2023
Over the past few decades, aluminium has begun to rival timber and uPVC as the most popular material for windows and doors. There are plenty of reasons for this, from aluminium's sleek, modern appearance to its enhanced security and insulation capabilities.
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