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Aluminium Fabrication Gallery

We're proud to manufacture a huge range of aluminium window and door frames for commercial and residential customers alike, providing our bespoke products across the South. Take a look at our gallery of images below, including some of our manufacturing facility in Fordingbridge and our showroom.

Whether you're working on a commercial project or are looking for new aluminium window or door frames for your own home, we're here to help. Contact us today on 01425 205465.

Windows & Doors Manufacturing Gallery

At our state of the art factory we create all of our products with the highest quality materials. We can therefore ensure that our windows and doors last and work as we expect. 

Showroom Gallery

Our showroom hosts a wide range of our great products from sliding doors, bi-fold doors and our MAXi range of windows. Come in and talk to one of our team members who can let you know what product is best for you. 


Multipoint vs Mortice Locks: Which Is Better for Bi-Fold Doors?
11th September 2023
While we might not give it much thought, the humble door lock plays a key (pun not intended) role in keeping our homes safe. Your choice of lock could determine whether you come back to a house that's just as you left it, or one that's been broken into, ransacked, or worse.
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How are Aluminium Windows and Doors Made?
02nd August 2023
Over the past few decades, aluminium has begun to rival timber and uPVC as the most popular material for windows and doors. There are plenty of reasons for this, from aluminium's sleek, modern appearance to its enhanced security and insulation capabilities.
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How to Choose the Right Colour for Your Aluminium Windows and Doors
03rd July 2023
Choosing the right colour for your aluminium windows and doors is a decision that can significantly impact the personality and character of your home. Colour has the remarkable ability to transform the appearance of a house, enhancing its kerb appeal and creating a desirable aesthetic.
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Can You Paint Aluminium Window and Door Frames?
01st June 2023
Aluminium windows and doors have been around for over a century, and they’ve only gotten more popular over time. Loved for their sleek looks, durability, and long lifespan, they can be found in both homes and businesses all over the world.
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