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Transform properties with stylish, custom made aluminium patio doors from Alimax. We supply both residential customers and tradespeople in Dorset & Hampshire.

Our MAXislide sliding patio door range offers both bespoke lift and slide patio doors and standard sliding doors, giving builders, architects, and designers the option to create traditional patio doorways and glass wall designs. 

The aluminium sliding patio door experts at Alimax work hard to combine attractive, slimline designs with durable security features to create stylish yet extremely practical aluminium doors - perfect for a range of properties and businesses.

The minimal frame design of our patio doors allow the maximum amount of light to flow into a building, transforming any space, without creating a bulky door feel.

Visit our showroom or contact our team for more information about our aluminium patio doors on 01425 205465.

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Certified patio doors
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An aluminium patio door offers an entrance with uninterrupted views

Whether you're working on a renovation or extension project, sliding aluminium patio doors can make a fantastic addition to any living environment, creating a welcoming feeling of light and space. Bringing together outstanding functionality and stunning aesthetics, our extensive range of aluminium patio doors have been developed to complement both modern and traditional settings in order to create the perfect room with a view. So, if you’re looking for aluminium patio doors in the South, you’ve certainly found the right supplier.

Aluminium sliding patio doors make homes more energy efficient and sustainable

When making the switch to glass doors rather than a solid wall, you may be concerned about potential heat loss. However, you can rest assured that all of our aluminium patio doors feature a thermal break to ensure enhanced thermal performance and energy efficiency. What’s more, we use B-rated energy rated glass as a minimum in all of our windows and doors, which ensures excellent performance.

Aluminium is also a fully sustainable material that is recyclable at the end of its lifespan - so with a minimal ecological footprint, you’ll be contributing to a greener environment.

Range of colours and finishes

All of our sliding patio doors are available in any RAL colour, with the option of single or dual colour. This means that you can customise your patio door to suit the specific needs of your home or your customer.

We deliver to you on site

You don't need to worry about collecting your new door; we will deliver directly to you on site. This is also the case for tradespeople - we will deliver to the project location on your behalf.

To place an order or find out further information about our aluminium patio doors and our manufacturing process, don't hesitate to contact our friendly team - we are happy to help. We supply aluminium patio doors in Bournemouth, Christchurch, Dorchester, Dorset, Fareham, Fordingbridge, Hampshire, Poole, Portsmouth, Ringwood and Southampton.

Aluminium Patio Door on Stone Patio

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