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Bespoke Aluminium French Doors

Both stylish and secure, our versatile range of aluminium French patio doors offer the best of both worlds. French doors are double glass doors that open outwards using a hinged opening. Their simple and non-intrusive designs make them an elegant addition to any property. 

We supply aluminium doors direct to tradespeople, designers and their clientele in Dorset and Hampshire. To find out about the many options we have available, visit our showroom or call our team on 01425 205465.

Why Use Alimax Aluminium French Doors for your Project?

Made to measure at our on-site manufacturing facility, our aluminium french doors are custom designed to fit into each individual property. They will blend seamlessly into any style of building, whether traditional or contemporary, and come in a varied range of colours and designs.

bespoke aluminium french doors alimax
bespoke aluminium french doors

High-Grade Security

Our aluminium French doors are PAS 24 certified, meaning they have been thoroughly tested and assessed for high security. They come with a multi-point lock mechanism on the main opening sashes and shoot-bolt locks on the mullions, guaranteeing a high level of protection against damage or tampering.

Thermal Efficiency

Wondering if glass doors will compromise building’s energy efficiency? Not to worry - our aluminium doors are built with an internal thermal break for exceptional thermal performance. We only use glass that’s rated B-grade or higher, bringing your building closer to meeting BREEAM standards.

Array of Colours and Finishes

All buildings are different, and their doors should reflect that. Our frames are available in a wide range of colours and finishes, from muted whites and greys to colourful reds and greens. No matter the colour scheme, our frames will complement it flawlessly.

Delivered On-Site

No need to pick up your new doors in person - we will deliver them directly to you on site. This saves you the time and money you would have otherwise had to spend on collection.

Our Aluminium French Door Frame Colour Palettes



Golden Beach






Silver Grey


Titanium Grey


Storm Grey


Steel Grey







Gloss White


Off White






Dark Brown




Dark Grey


Anthracite Grey


Textured Anthracite




Dark Blue


Dark Green


Dark Red



Burford White


Bibury Steam


Bath Stone


Slad Stone


Bourton Cream


Cheltenham Stone


Painswick Stone


Moreton Ground


Cotswold Green


Tetbury Field


Wotton Olive


Chedworth Green


Westonbirt Leaf


Stroud Sky

Visit Our Showroom

Ready to discover the perfect French doors for your project? Pay a visit to our spacious showroom in Fordingbridge! You’ll be able to browse our wide range of doors and windows in person, letting you see their high construction quality up close. 

To place an order or find out more about our aluminium doors, feel free to get in touch online or by calling us on 01425 205465. Our friendly team are happy to discuss our door models, recommend options, and answer any questions you may have. 


As a leading supplier for bespoke aluminium windows, we’re pleased to offer our services across the South, including Portsmouth, Dorset, Hampshire, Poole, Bournemouth, Fordingbridge, Southampton, Dorchester, Fareham.

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