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Aluminium Vertical Sliding Sash Windows - MAXi5

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MAXi5 - Vertical Sliding Windows

Aluminium sliding window manufacturer specification
Aluminium sliding window manufacturer's specification
Manufacturer's specification for aluminium sliding windows
Water - sliding aluminium windows specification
Wind - sliding aluminium windows manufacturer specification

Sliding Sash Windows from the Leading Manufacturers

The MAXi5 Series vertical sliding sash windows incorporate all the styling of traditional windows with the advantages of modern thermal aluminium profiles. Ideally suited to properties where Georgian and Victorian architecture is prominent.

V Series Sliding Aluminium sash Window
V Series Sliding Aluminium Window
V Series Aluminium Sliding sash Window

Aluminium sash window supplier

Alimax is the south’s leading manufacturer of aluminium sash windows. We manufacture and supply sash aluminium windows for period properties that require sympathetic window replacement. We offer three frame colours – white, neutral green, and grey – and these can be made bespoke to the exact specifications of your property.

The MAXi5 series window is extremely easy to operate and has a built-in tilt back facility to facilitate cleaning of the external glass. Thanks to a flush opening, which has no projection into or out of a building, this is a style of window that can be successfully installed into most period property types.

Manufacturer of the V Series Window
Manufacturer of the V Series sliding Window
V Series Window supplier sliding window
V Series sash Window supplier
V Series aluminium sliding Window manufacturer and supplier
V Series aluminium sliding window
V Series aluminium sliding Window
V Series Window manufacturer in neutral
V Series Window supplier in grey
V Series sash Window manufactuers
Manufacturer and supplier of the V Series Window
V Series Aluminium sliding Window manufacturer
V Series Aluminium sliding sash Window manufacturer
V Series aluminium sliding Window supplier
V Series aluminium sliding Window white

Sliding aluminium windows: specifications

Having been performance tested under 600Pa air pressure, all of our sliding aluminium windows are proven to be extremely effective at blocking drafts. They meet the regulations set out by the BS 6375 series, which sets the standards for the performance of windows and doors.

All of our sliding aluminium windows have also been tested with water pressure up to 1,050Pa and wind up to 2,000Pa, to ensure our clients benefit from the highest performance window upgrades.

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