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From our cutting-edge 20,000 sq ft facility in Hampshire, we design, manufacture, and supply premium aluminium windows ready for installation.

Our windows pair sleek design with modern innovations in strength and insulation, resulting in a stylish yet practical improvement for any building. Whether your client’s property is modern or historic, understated or grand, our aluminium windows will complement it perfectly.

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bespoke aluminium windows
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Why choose supply only aluminium windows from Alimax?

Thanks to their versatile design, our double glazed windows will benefit any kind of trade project.

Design Variety

We can supply a variety of stylish casement and vertical sliding sash windows. Each feature slim profiles to increase the natural light in the building, and can be customised in a spectrum of colours and finishes to suit any property style.

Working on a heritage or period building? Our MAXi4 Heritage windows blend in seamlessly with traditional designs.

As our windows are made to measure, we can guarantee the perfect fit every time

High Performance

Our windows offer exceptional strength and thermal efficiency, making them a practical addition to any property.

All of our windows are certified with a B energy efficiency rating or above, which could help homeowners save up to £100 on their annual heating bills - a major draw for your clients.

Their profiles optimise the inherent strength of aluminium, offering a high level of durability and security.

Delivered to You on Site

No need to pick up your new aluminium windows from us - we deliver them to you directly, saving you from having to store or transport them to your place of work.

Why Trust Alimax to Supply Your Aluminium Windows?

At Alimax, the quality of our work is at the heart of what we do.

With decades of collective experience, our craftsmen are able to create stunning window frames made bespoke for each property. State-of-the-art industrial equipment ensures an impeccable level of strength, security, and reliability throughout.

Before they receive our trademark tick of approval, our windows undergo thorough quality control measures. You'll have peace of mind that the windows you install can be trusted to perform exactly as required.

  • Competitive pricing
  • 5-day lead times on prime product lines
  • Sustainably sourced materials

Get a Quote on Supply Only Aluminium Windows

For premium-quality, supply only windows, turn to Alimax. We’ll work with you to design and supply the made-to-measure windows you need for your project, quickly and and cost-effectively.

We have a selection of our products on display in our showroom - you're welcome to bring your clients along to discuss the best option for their home. Get a quote online or by calling our friendly team on 01425 205465!

As a leading supplier of bespoke aluminium windows, we’re pleased to offer our services across the South, including Portsmouth, Dorset, Hampshire, Poole, Bournemouth, Fordingbridge, Southampton, Dorchester, Fareham.

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