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Multipoint vs Mortice Locks: Which Is Better for Bi-Fold Doors?


While we might not give it much thought, the humble door lock plays a key (pun not intended) role in keeping our homes safe. Your choice of lock could determine whether you come back to a house that's just as you left it, or one that's been broken into, ransacked, or worse.

On a bi-fold door, you'll typically come across two types of locks: multipoint locks and mortice locks. Although both can do the job, one tends to stand out as the better choice.

At Alimax, we pride ourselves on being the South's go-to experts for trade aluminium doors and windows. Below, we'll dive into the differences between multipoint and mortice locks, making it easier for you to decide which one suits your bi-fold door best.

What are multipoint and mortice locks?

  • Multipoint locks, as the name suggests, are sophisticated locks designed with multiple points (usually three or more) spread along the door's length. These locking points can include a mix of hooks, bolts, and rollers. When you turn the key or use the handle, all these points work together to secure the door.
  • Mortice locks feature a keyhole on the outside and a latch or bolt mechanism on the inside. The keyhole is connected to a cylinder housing the lock's pins and tumblers. When you insert and turn the correct key, it lines up the pins and tumblers and allows the cylinder to rotate. Depending on whether you're locking or unlocking the door, this rotation either extends or retracts the bolt, which secures or releases the door from the strike plate on the door frame.

How do multipoint and mortice locks compare?

1. Security

Both multipoint and mortice locks will make your space more secure, but multipoint locks are much better at resisting lockpicking or brute force. This is because they spread the locking points along the door's length, distributing any force applied during a break-in attempt across multiple points. This added complexity makes it much harder for intruders to force the door open.

In contrast, mortice locks rely on a single locking point – the bolt that extends into the door frame when locked. Unfortunately, this simplicity makes them more vulnerable to break-ins.

2. Ease of Use

Multipoint locks are often built right into the door's design, making locking up a breeze – all you need to do is lift the handle! This makes them easier to use than mortice locks, which are often separate from the handle and rely solely on the key.

3. Weatherproofing

Multipoint locks are often designed with weatherstripping or gaskets to create a tight seal, keeping drafts and moisture at bay. This sealing action helps shield your space from rain, wind, and cold air, making it more comfortable and energy efficient.

In contrast, the single locking mechanism of mortice locks doesn't seal the door as tightly, making them trickier to weatherproof.

4. Complexity of Installation

When setting up a mortice lock, you'll usually need to create a rectangular pocket (mortice) in the door's edge to accommodate the lock body and cylinder. This pocket needs to be sized and aligned with care for the lock to work smoothly, which can be hard if you don't have the proper tools or expertise.

Multipoint locks, on the other hand, are usually designed to fit into pre-made holes or slots in the door. This makes them simpler and less labour-intensive to install.

Talk to the specialists in high-security aluminium bi-fold doors

Ultimately, choosing doors fitted with multipoint locks is a smart choice for several reasons: they provide added security, better weather resistance, greater user-friendliness, and an easier installation process, making them a superior option to mortice locks in nearly every way.

At Alimax, we supply premium-quality aluminium bi-fold doors to both residential customers and tradespeople across Dorset and Hampshire. Certified to PAS 24 standards, they feature a multi-point lock mechanism on the main opening sashes, as well as shoot-bolt locks on the mullions, providing first-rate security for your home or your client's property.

Even better, our doors are designed with a variety of insulation and waterproofing features. This not only boosts energy efficiency, but also provides you with lasting comfort for many decades ahead.

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