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Timber Windows vs Aluminium Windows – Which is Better?


Not all windows are made equal. Both timber and aluminium can work as an effective window frame, but each material has its own distinct properties that might leave you wanting to choose one over the other.

Here, we’ll do an in-depth comparison of both timber and aluminium windows so you can make an informed decision.

Quick Comparison

Use this table to quickly compare both materials:

  Aluminium Timber
Initial Purchase Cost
  • Low initial cost 

  • Higher initial cost 

Home Compatibility
  • Slim profile options available for more subtle appearance

  • Not always compatible with all period properties

  • Classic appearance often favoured for traditional buildings and period properties
  • No maintenance required 
  • Should be retreated 1 – 2 years after installation

  • Require regular treatment every 2 years

  • Long life span of ~40 years

  • Corrosion resistant

  • Long life span of ~60 years 
Energy efficiency
  • Aluminium windows with double glazing can improve energy efficiency by 75%

  • Still generally considered less insulating than timber

  • Timber is naturally insulating and provides excellent energy efficiency
  • Frames can be painted in a colour to suit the property 


Let’s look at the main pros and cons in a bit more detail:

Pros of Aluminium Windows

Low initial cost

Compared to timber windows, aluminium window frames are much more affordable. This makes them a more feasible option for a lot of homeowners who are looking to economically improve the appearance and insulation of their homes.

No maintenance required

Aluminium windows are corrosion resistant and don’t require any maintenance. Therefore, they’re a good choice for homeowners who won’t have time to consider regular window maintenance.

Energy efficient

Aluminium windows that are fitted with thermal breaks have good energy efficiency, making them some of the most efficient frames on the market.

Cons of Aluminium Windows

Not always compatible with period homes

Some owners of period homes prefer the look of timber to aluminium. However, nowadays aluminium frames are available in a range of sympathetic designs with slim profiles that better complement traditional homes.

Less insulating than timber

Timber is naturally an extremely insulating material so aluminium still does not quite match it in terms of energy efficiency.

Pros of Timber Windows

Classic appearance

For some people who favour a traditional appearance, or have period properties, timber windows often feel like the only way to go. Of course, this is dependent on budget!

Excellent insulation

As mentioned, wood is an excellent insulator, so timber window frames provide help provide excellent insulation to the home.

Cons of Timber Windows

Timber frames are significantly more expensive than aluminium windows. Depending on how many windows need installing, timber windows could really stretch a budget to its limits.

Regular maintenance

In the first 1 – 2 years after installation, timber window frames will require retreating. They will then require regular maintenance every two years. If timber windows are left too long between treatments, they may start to rot, resulting in expensive repair and replacement fees.

Conclusion: Which is Better – Timber or Aluminium?

Aluminium windows are affordable, offer good energy efficiency and don’t require any maintenance. This makes them a straightforward choice for most homeowners who are looking to replace windows without breaking the bank.

Timber frames have their place – particularly in period properties – but thanks to advances in modern technology there are now aluminium frames that can tastefully mimic and stand in for timber frames in most instances.

Premium Aluminium Windows, Suitable for Your Property

At Alimax, we supply a range of aluminium windows, in a variety of different styles to suit different properties.

We can build bespoke aluminium windows based on your requirements, fitting in with the appearance of the property. Our windows are thermally efficient, durable, and delivered directly to your worksite.

We also offer heritage windows, for traditional homes, and vertical sash windows – perfect for Georgian and Victorian buildings.

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