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3 reasons Autumn is the perfect time to buy new aluminium doors and windows


As October marches on towards November, the summer seems like a distant memory – shorter days, windswept weather and Halloween very much on the horizon.

As the conditions worsen outside and you start snuggling up with blankets and hot chocolate, Alimax think it’s a great time to have a think about whether your window set-up is everything you want it to be – and whether it could do with re-evaluating and reinstalling before the winter.

Here’s a few reasons why our bespoke aluminium fitted windows and doors could be perfect for you.

Durable, Rot, and Flake Resistant – and Stylish

Decreasing temperatures and increasing rainfall could spell bad news for your windows and doors if they are old, damaged or poor quality.

This time of year carries the highest risk of your fittings suffering from damp related problems, such as rotting, fading and flaking – if they are already imperfect, the wet weather will make quick work of them as moisture enters the fittings without any resistance.

The great thing about getting your aluminium fittings is that the material is impervious to damp related issues such as rot – so while most windows you choose will probably look and feel great when they’re installed, you can guarantee that the aluminium fitting will have that brand new feeling for much, much longer.

Unbeatable Thermal Efficiency

Even if your doors and windows aren’t physically damaged or falling away, there’s a good chance that you have savings to be made by switching to aluminium fittings.

Alimax take immense pride in the efficiency of our fittings, as more effective insulation can only be a good thing for the planet – less heat escaping means you need to spend less money on heating your home, and therefore your carbon footprint is reduced.

This is particularly important as the weather changes and it gets colder, as you can eliminate any inefficiencies before you start heating the outside. Substandard fittings will cause currents of warm air to form in your home especially as the temperature gradient increases, which can quickly lead to damp and mould on your fittings or walls – the warm, moist air flowing out of the gap is the perfect environment for it to thrive.

Let There be Light

With the shorter days and long nights rolling in, now is a great opportunity to make sure that your home is as light and welcoming as possible. Due to the strength and relative lack of weight in aluminium fittings, they are perfect for large, light enabling doors and windows and that can make your home feel fresh and give it an entirely new dimension.

We even have a great range of ceiling lights and rooftop windows, that could massively increase the natural light that your bedrooms, living rooms or kitchens receive. Natural light is proven to be beneficial to our mental health, so getting as much of it as possible is crucial to a happy and healthy winter season.

Just ensure that you have appropriately fitted blinds and curtains to make sure you still get those well-earned Z’s!

Choose Alimax for your bespoke Aluminium windows and doors

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