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3 Things To Consider When Choosing Doors And Windows For Your Project


We explore three important things to consider when choosing doors and windows for your project, including why aluminium might be the most versatile option. 

1) The Style Of The Property

It’s important to choose windows and doors that suit the style and period of the property. For example, sleek, modern options are unlikely to suit a traditional Georgian home. There was a time when options for older properties might have been limited, but the good news is that aluminium framed windows (once thought of as too modern for older properties) now come in a range of heritage styles and sliding sash options. 

Our range of MAXi designer front and back doors also includes vintage, traditional and cottage doors that are specially designed to suit older or more rustic homes. All our aluminium products come in a range of colours, so you can perfectly match the design of your doors and windows to suit your project. 

2) How Much Light The Room Gets

The elevation and orientation of a property determine how much natural light it gets. Picking the right windows for rooms that get less light can be tricky, as it’s important to think about ways to make the most of any available natural light. Aluminium frames are incredibly strong, so can accommodate larger panes of glass. This makes them ideal for creating big, showstopping windows that will let in maximum light.

Aluminium patio or bi-fold doors can be a good option for rooms leading out to the garden, as they have less bulky frames than their uPVC counterparts. Slimmer frames mean more glass, which ultimately means more light flooding in. 

3) Are You Working With An Unusual Layout?

All properties are different and some projects may present you with a tricky or unusual layout. Because we manufacture all of our aluminium doors and windows at our on-site facility, we can create custom designs that cater to unusual dimensions. 

Aluminium bi-fold doors offer great flexibility for rooms with an awkward layout, as they can be developed with a range of opening configurations. We can design bi-fold doors that open from one side or from the middle, to perfectly suit the shape of the room. 

At Alimax, we manufacture and install aluminium doors and windows for both residential and commercial projects across the South. To find out more, please get in touch with our friendly team today on 01425 205465.