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4 Ways Your Project Will Benefit From Bespoke Aluminium Windows


Whether your priority is style or practicality, we explore just some of the benefits of choosing bespoke aluminium windows for your project. 

1) The Perfect Fit

All of our aluminium windows are made to order, which means you’re guaranteed a perfect fit and outstanding finish. With many years of experience designing, manufacturing and installing our custom windows, we pride ourselves on giving our customers a full range of customisation options. Because our bespoke windows are manufactured at our on-site facility, we have complete control over the quality of all our materials and designs. 

2) Tailored To Suit Any Property

At Alimax, we specialise in creating bespoke aluminium windows that will look great in properties of all styles, from traditional to contemporary. It’s a common misconception that aluminium windows don’t suit older homes, as there are several options in our Heritage range that have been specially designed to complement classic country, Victorian and Art Deco style properties. 

3) Durability And Style

Aluminium is incredibly durable and, unlike wooden frames, isn’t prone to rotting. Because of its strength, it’s ideal for holding larger panes of glass to create a showstopping feature window that allows light to flood in. Aluminium doesn’t degrade, rust or warp like other materials, so your windows will continue look great and perform well for up to 45 years. 

Available in a wide range of colours and styles, our aluminium windows can be tailored to suit any property. They’re slimmer and less bulky than their uPVC counterparts, and the fade-resistant colour will stay looking fantastic.  

4) Thermal Efficiency

Because of their superior thermal qualities, bespoke aluminium windows are a popular choice for properties where energy efficiency is a priority. Aluminium is a highly stable metal, which means it won’t expand and contract with changes in temperature and leave thermal gaps. Improved thermal efficiency and reduced heat loss will contribute to a more comfortable home and lower energy bills.

We are one of the South’s leading manufacturers of bespoke aluminium windows and doors for both commercial and residential projects. For more information, please get in touch with our friendly team today on 01425 205465.