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Custom aluminium windows - bring your project to life


As the South’s leading manufacturers of custom aluminium windows, we explore the reasons why aluminium frames are the perfect choice for your project.  

Attractive choice of window frames

Aluminium window frames are much slimmer than their uPVC counterparts, so they often provide a sleeker and more modern finish. Also, because aluminium frames are incredibly strong, they can hold larger panes of glass. By creating large, grand windows that let light flood into the room, aluminium window frames turn the windows of a property into a stunning and impressive feature.

Versatile choice of colours and styles

While some think of aluminium windows as only suitable for modern properties, at Alimax we have options to suit both traditional and contemporary styles. With our heritage and sash-style windows, we have elegant styles that won’t look out of place on older properties. 

We can also provide a huge range of colour finishes to complement any property. Our colour palettes offer not just the standard white, grey and black options, but also bold reds, dark blues, subtle light greens and rich browns. There truly is a style of aluminium window to suit every project. 

Designed and manufactured to order

At Alimax, we specialise in designing, manufacturing and installing custom aluminium doors and windows. All of our products are manufactured at our on-site facility, giving us full control over the quality of all of our materials and designs.  This also gives our clients the option to fully customise their windows. 

With aluminium windows that are completely tailored to each project, we can guarantee an outstanding finish every time. 

Durable and thermally efficient windows

Aluminium window frames will never rot or flake, and the colour will never fade. This means they will always stay just as vibrant as they were on the day they were fitted. Because aluminium is highly stable, it won’t expand and contract with changes in temperature and leave thermal gaps. Because of this, aluminium windows are a popular choice for projects where exceptional thermal efficiency is a priority. 

We manufacture and install aluminium doors and windows for both residential and commercial projects across the South. To find out more, please get in touch today on 01425 205465 and our friendly team will be happy to help.