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How are Aluminium Windows and Doors Made?


Over the past few decades, aluminium has begun to rival timber and uPVC as the most popular material for windows and doors. There are plenty of reasons for this, from aluminium's sleek, modern appearance to its enhanced security and insulation capabilities.

If you have experience working with aluminium windows and doors or are thinking about installing them in your own home, you might be curious about their manufacturing process. As aluminium is a metal, the fabrication process is quite a bit different from that of plastic or wooden windows and doors.

As the South's leading manufacturers of aluminium windows and doors, we at Alimax know a thing or two about creating premium aluminium pieces. In this guide, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process of fabricating aluminium windows and doors.

1. Design and Measurement

First things first, the manufacturer will meet with their client to discuss their needs, preferences, and the precise measurements needed for the custom window or door.

Next comes the planning stage, where the window or door design is nailed down. This phase involves discussing various factors such as colour, shape, and ornamentation, taking into account the client's preferences and the manufacturer's recommendations. The goal is to make sure the client is completely happy with the proposed design before moving forward.

2. Extrusion

With the design set in stone, it's time to start making it a reality!

Aluminium profiles are created through a process called extrusion. Extrusion involves heating aluminium billets to a specific temperature (usually around 375°C to 500°C), and then forcing the softened metal through a shaped opening called a die. The die imparts the desired shape to the aluminium, forming profiles with various cross-sections, such as frames, sashes, and mullions.

3. Cutting and Assembly

Once the profiles are extruded and cooled, they're ready to be cut. The manufacturer will cut each piece to the lengths required for the specific door or window size, making sure to closely follow the client's measurements. Various pieces are then assembled using mechanical fasteners or welding, depending on the manufacturer's chosen method.

4. Surface Treatment

Raw aluminium can be vulnerable to corrosion, which is why the surface of the pieces are usually treated after being cut. Treatment also helps enhance the appearance of the pieces and (optionally) change their colour.

Treatment can involve processes like anodising or powder coating. Anodising involves creating a protective oxide layer on the aluminium surface, while powder coating involves applying a coloured powder that adheres to the aluminium through an electrostatic process.

5. Glazing

Next, the glass panes (if there are any) are fitted within the prepared frames. The glass is held in place using gaskets, silicone sealants, or other appropriate materials. The type of glass used depends on the client's preferences - it could be single-pane, double-pane, or even specialised glazing for energy efficiency and sound insulation.

6. Hardware Installation

The final step in the build process is to install the hardware. Components such as handles, locks, hinges, and weatherstripping are added to the doors and windows, contributing to the functionality, security, and weatherproofing of the end product.

7. Quality Control

Before the doors and windows are shipped to the client or installed on-site, they're put through rigorous quality control inspections. This guarantees they meet industry standards and are free from any defects.

8. Transportation and Installation

Once the quality control checks are passed, the doors and windows are finally ready to be sent out for installation! The manufacturer will arrange for them to be transported to the client's site, making sure to protect them so they won't be damaged on route.

Premium Aluminium Doors and Windows for Trade Customers

At Alimax, we're committed to quality in everything we do. We make each of our windows and doors to measure, taking steps to bring your vision to life as closely as possible. By combining premium-quality metal with state-of-the-art facilities, we're able to achieve a visually stunning, ultra-secure, and impressively durable result every time.

We manufacture a wide range of windows (including casement, vertical sliding, and heritage), as well as various door types (such as bifold, patio, and French). Whatever type of window or door you're looking for, trust our team to provide you with the exact piece you need for your next project.

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