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The Top 5 Benefits of Aluminium Windows and Doors


Highly attractive, thermally efficient and low maintenance, aluminium windows and doors offer a wide range of benefits to your property. Read on to discover more… 

1)    Aluminium windows & doors are easy to maintain 

Unlike their wooden counterparts, windows and doors made from an aluminium frame are super easy to care for and require very little maintenance. Wooden frames require re-painting or staining every year or so to ensure they remain weatherproof and attractive but aluminium frames don’t require any treatment so you can throw away that varnish brush and relax knowing your windows will look superb for years to come. 

2)    They’ll never rot, fade or flake

Due to the very nature of the metal they are made from, aluminium windows and doors will never rot or flake and the colour will never fade, meaning you can rest assured that even after many years, they will remain just as vibrant as the day they were installed. 

3)    Aluminium frames look good in any property 

Yes, that’s right. Aluminium frames are perfect for both an ultra-contemporary city pad and a classic country cottage. That’s because here at Alimax, our aluminium windows and doors come in a huge variety of stylish designs and colours, so you’re able to choose the perfect fit for your home, no matter its style. 

4)    Aluminium is incredibly strong 

Aluminium is an incredibly strong metal which means you can have large panes of glass supported by a small, discreet frame. This is a particularly great benefit for those looking to add bi-fold or sliding doors to their homes as it means your stunning glass doors won’t be impacted by large, bulky metal frames. 

5)    They provide excellent thermal efficiency 

Aluminium windows and doors are among the best on the market in terms of their thermal efficiency. This is because aluminium is a highly stable material, so unlike wood or uPVC frames, it won’t expand and contract with changes in temperature to leave thermal gaps. The effects of this are particularly apparent for larger windows and doors. 

Bonus benefit: Aluminium windows and doors look fabulous

Aluminium frames are many architect’s and interior designer’s first choice for giving new builds and renovations alike a beautiful, chic and super stylish finish as well as practical and effective protection from the weather. 

Alimax is the South’s leading aluminium door and window manufacturer for private homes and commercial properties and offers maximum quality and maximum value. To learn more, get in touch today on 01425 205465 and our friendly team will be happy to help.